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Buying a Basic Set of Makeup Brushes

makeup brushes

If you’re new to makeup or you’re still struggling with the tiny applicators that came with your product, you may feel that brushes aren’t that important or you just don’t know where to begin.

There are so many you could end up wasting money on brushes that you just won’t use.

So here’s a list of my absolute basics:

foundation brushes
concealer brush
  1. Foundation brush. Whether it’s a flat, round or duo fibre, you need a foundation brush to get that flawless finish. If you want light coverage go for a stippling brush. Apply in a stippling motion, then swirl to buff over the face. For a medium coverage try a buffing brush and again, swirl to buff. For a full coverage you’ll need a flat foundation brush. Apply on your product working from the centre of the face in downward strokes.

  1. Concealer brush. I love a fluffy brush for this. Too many people apply too much, thinking they’ll cover up those dark circles and blemishes. Apply a small amount to the back of your hand, take your fluffy brush and work until only the smallest amount is on the bristles. Gently sweep over the areas making sure you don’t forget the inner corner of the eyes.

Fluffy powder brush

3. Fluffy powder. Now to set your handiwork. There’s no point in taking all that time to get the basics right if it’s only going to slide right off. You can use loose or set powder but you need a fluffy brush to gently apply it with.

blusher brush

4. Blusher brush. Again, this comes down to personal preference. You can use a duo fibre for a light dusting of powder or a domed, tightly packed brush for more colour density. Some people like an angled brush, find what suits you.

small blending brush

5. Small blending brush. The bristles diffuse eyeshadow in smaller areas of the eye. The perfect size for the crease, brow highlight and lower lash line.

6. Flat eye shadow. For packing product onto eyelid and evenly distributing across the eye, there are many different sizes that you can opt for.

7. Precision angle. For use with gel liner or powder shadow for a defined eye look. Perfect if you want to create a cat eye or a more natural effect.

lip brush

8. Lip. For applying lipstick to the lips for a precise application of your chosen colour.

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